Sunday, 15 March 2009


Recently we have seen the government try their best to offer support for pre-start and start-up businesses. If you intend on starting your own business then Business Link are most likely to be your first stop and rightly so as they can offer advice and support to businesses in every stage from pre-start to established.

Http:// is where you can look for advice on topics from marketing to finance, loans to business news, upcoming events and changes in the law.

Where else can we look though? Local councils have been issued with money to put into pre-start and start-up businesses this is the Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI).
This is the link for LEGI You can also refer to your local council website for further details and relevant people to contact.

Dependant on where you live, the government have also injected cash for rural areas, this is known as the Rural Development Agency (RDA) (I apologise if you live in any other area of the UK but this was the only link I could find).

Combined Business Link (currently offering up to £10,000 of funding!), LEGI and the RDA the government could really help support your business!!! The great part is the funding from the various agencies can cover; branding, marketing, office equipment, advertising, materials and much more!!!

If you are in the North East of England I can offer help and advice FREE regarding funding and funding agencies, or if you would just like a chat - email me anytime at


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

RAW Entrepreneur Magazine - FREE

Hi, I hope all is well and that the snow doesn't get you! I am in the North and bracing myself for it, we have had a really bad chill the last few days so I am sure it is on its way!
I have found a great magazine tailored for entrepreneurs although established businesses could read it aswell. Its name: RAW Entrepreneur Magazine - it is FREE - you can access past issues as an e-mag through the link below;
RAW Entrepreneur Magazine
In March RAW will be published as a hard-copy and sent out across the country. Issue No.6 features PR Guru Max Clifford and is FREE!!!
If you have taken a look at the RAW e-mag and think that you, your organisation, someone you know might be interested in recieving Issue No.6 absolutely FREE then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will pass your details over to RAW or you can contact RAW directly and
quote: RAW100
I found the magazine really interesting lots of articles actually relating to entrepreneurs, previous issues have featured; Levi Roots (Reggae Reggae Sauce), Rachel Elnaugh (ex-Dragons Den) and Imran Hakim (i-Teddy). There is also an opportunity to advertise in the magazine, you will have to contact RAW for more details.
Look out for Pensar Marketing in Issue No.6!
Sara x