Thursday, 18 June 2009

Pensar Marketing - Offers of the Month!!!

A New Month of Offers from Pensar Marketing!
The focus from June 15th til July 15th is 'Marketing Plans'
At anytime marketing is considered to be an important tool in for all businesses, at Pensar Marketing we believe that marketing is important and that any marketing plans you put in place are bespoke to your business.
Bespoke Marketing advice, planning and implementation is exactly what Pensar Marketing will deliver working with you to ensure that we fully understand your marketing needs.
This month there is only one offer as this is a key offer for June/July - Marketing Plans at £350 (usually £600)
For £350 you recieve;
- Initial consultation
- In constant contact with you to ensure the plan is bespoke for you
- Market Research
- A Detailed Plan (from 6 months to 3 years timeline)
- Ongoing advice & support
- Implementation (up to 2 hours)
- An electronic & hard-copy of your marketing plan

If you would like to chat about your marketing needs please contact Sara for a FREE consultation!

Thank you

Monday, 8 June 2009

Fans on Facebook....

Hi Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have given in to my dislike of Facebook after having experienced the problems facebook can cause in your personal life and jumped on the bank wagon in order to reach a varied and new audience for Pensar Marketing.

I have set up a page and admittedly it does need some work however if you have a facebook page and would like to swap being a fan (or join my page!) then please feel free to click on the link below (or copy it into your browser);
Hopefully it will work for you - alternatively type Pensar Marketing into the search box on facebook.

I do believe that facebook can work for certain business sectors and I am hoping that marketing and business services is one of them. I feel that to be connected through social media (particularly online) including twitter can at the least boost your brand awareness and fingers crossed create a well-rounded brand able to connect to its clients through a wide range of mediums.

Thanks again - if you need any advice on marketing or business please do not hesistate to contact me.

Sara /

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Does Your Business Have a Plan???

Now this has nothing to do with the 'R' word - as this has finally been banned in our household considering the situation with Corus & my partner's job. However it does have an implication on your business and one way of avoiding a crisis is to provide your business with a sound and secure plan for the future.
We all undertake some form of planning every day in our personal and business lives; getting the children to school, taking the dog for a walk, getting married, going to the shops, going on holiday, having a meeting or starting up a business - each time we put steps in place to achieve one or more things we are 'planning'.
For some firms planning will come as a natural process within their business, for some planning for the present let alone the future will not be considered and can put the business under uneccessary stress and pressure.
When you started in business did you have a plan? How does this plan look now? Could you look back at your plan and say it was realistic? Have you achieved what you wanted up til this point? Everyday I talk to clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and situations, from pre-start to established and everyday at least 4 out of 10 will tell me 'I did not have a plan when I started', 'I don't even need a plan', 'What good will looking at the past do for me?', 'Why should I change my plan?'
Hard to believe that these answers would stem from within the business world, but they do. It is not tragic, nor is it vitally important that they recognise having a business plan can strengthen the focus of their business, give them goals to work towards, inject motivation and enthusiasm into the day-to-day running of their business.
I write business plans for businesses at all stages in their working cycle and each plan is tailored according to the individual needs and aspirations of that business, not one plan is the same. This is the important part of developing a business plan - ensure that the individual or agency that develops your plan is working with you, not for you and that your goals and ideals for your business are fully understood before progressing any further. Most agencies/consultants will offer a free consultation and it is wise to use one that does because it will allow you to get to know them better and to fully understand how they work - after all developing a business plan is a personal, intricate document which provide guidance for staff, partners, investors and any stakeholders interested in the business.
For pre-start and start-up businesses Business Link (dependant on circumstances) can fully or part fund the development of your business plan - so why not take advantage of it!
Tips for your business plan;
- Be select in who you choose to develop your plan
- Consult any previous plans and consolidate what has worked, what has been achieved, what you would like to achieve in the future and how you would like to do this
Your Plan should include;
- Personal Details
- Summary of your business
- Products/Services
- Customers
- Marketing
- Competition
- Operations of the business
- Sales & Risk Analysis
- Cashflow forecast
- Plans for the future

Each agency or consultant will have different methods, styles and formats but the basics will remain the same. I hope that this has inspired you to pull out your business plan and evaluate where you business has been, where it is now and where it will be in the future.
If you would like any further info on Business Plans or would like a free consultation via phone, email or in-person (Tees Valley only).
Sara /