Monday, 8 June 2009

Fans on Facebook....

Hi Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have given in to my dislike of Facebook after having experienced the problems facebook can cause in your personal life and jumped on the bank wagon in order to reach a varied and new audience for Pensar Marketing.

I have set up a page and admittedly it does need some work however if you have a facebook page and would like to swap being a fan (or join my page!) then please feel free to click on the link below (or copy it into your browser);
Hopefully it will work for you - alternatively type Pensar Marketing into the search box on facebook.

I do believe that facebook can work for certain business sectors and I am hoping that marketing and business services is one of them. I feel that to be connected through social media (particularly online) including twitter can at the least boost your brand awareness and fingers crossed create a well-rounded brand able to connect to its clients through a wide range of mediums.

Thanks again - if you need any advice on marketing or business please do not hesistate to contact me.

Sara /

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