Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Blog About Something...

This has been my tip of the week - "Blog about something.." Everyone I have spoken to regarding my blog, how to use it and how often have all given me the same (not so helpful) reply "Blog about something.." What does that even mean? My blog must have a purpose, a reason for people following it and a reason that I spend time writing on it. Okay I understand that part loud and clear! My question being now; "What do I blog about?"

I have been advised that a blog is a great tool for your business if used in the correct way. Yet, not one person has explained to me what 'the correct way' is. My business 'Pensar Marketing' does not churn out interesting stories, lessons learnt or ideas that are of any interest to anyone else but me (and even then sometimes they do not interest me!) - so what is classed as a good blog? a blog people like to follow? a blog that is beneficial to your business?

My task this week - To discover how to create a good blog, a useful blog for my business, interesting for my followers and most importantly to find "something to blog about..."

Any help, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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